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Hi, I was wondering so what did you do? You first took the NBME 5 online and got score of 560/236 from it and then to review you looked at the offline version and see how many questions you actually got right? (and by doing that your figured out that you got 74% correct...I am assuming you used the answer key that came with the offline NBME 5?)

So, if that is what you did...according to the chart I have a 74% correct should equal somewhere around 480 (as someone mentioned above) should be like a 217. So, I am not sure what happened here (but the online score must be correct...but, so does that mean the the offline answer key for NBME 5 is VERY wrong?)

Also, did you take any other NBMEs before this? If so, which ones and did you take them online or offline? So, compared to these other NBMEs would you say that you thought NBME 5 was harder or easier?

Please do let me know your input as I am planning on taking NBME 5 soon...thanks! :D
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