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NBME and UW Self assessment scheduling

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Just wanna get advice about NBME forms and UW self assessment.
What could be most appropriate timing to do them.
like month before or week before.
whats the most USEFUL scheduling of these practice tests.
which NBME forms should be done.
5,7 both or just one etc
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Here's your schedule

Here's what I think

NBME Form 1, one year before the exam (skip it if you prepared less than one year)

NBME Form 2, 6 months before the exam

NBME Form 4, to be done 3 months before the exam

NBME Form 5, to be done 2 months before the exam

UWSA1 and UWSA2, to be done 1 month before the exam

NBME Form 7, to be done 2 weeks before the exam
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