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Last month in July 2009 the NBME has released a new versions of their CBSSA (Step 1) and CCSSA (Step 2 CK) self assessment forms. More Info

They called it Expanded Performance Feedback

The new version costs $60 per form instead of the regular forms which cost $45 each.

The new feature is that you can now see which questions you have done incorrect and which questions you got right.

While this is a huge step in alleviating our sufferings still it's not a fully fledged intuitive system. Because we still cannot see which option is the correct (for those questions that we got correct) and there are no explanations for the answers.

NBME answers have been floating around USMLE Forums and other USMLE websites on the Internet and everybody was trying to figure out which option is correct. With the new format these attempts may prove even more effective as those who got the answers right will know for sure that it is the corrrect answer and they then can post it in forums, blogs, and websites.

We expect to see more action over the coming few months as more and more exploration of these NBME answers will pop up.

Stay tuned!
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