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nbme form 4

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i have done form 4 today and scored exam is in exactly one month and i am panicked totally!!! wat should i do?? can i improve my score??i want to gt at least more than 95.i don't know why i did so poorly!
p.s.-how do we get the solutions of these nbmes?? i dont know which questions i did wrong??
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when you were doing the test, was there any particular category of questions that were giving you trouble? (like path/immuno/pharm) if so then reread those exam is exactly 1 week from today and all im doing now is rereading kaplan and then gonna look over FA this weekend. I am almost done with Uworld, about 100 questions left. so keep working, main thing is dont get discouraged.
72 views and still no more advice except by fin!!! guyzz i need help...i m panicking big time...:scared::scared:
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