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E. Talk to her about a nonbarrier method of contraception

I would definitely choose E.

Let's analyze the answers:
  • Evaluate her for a sexually transmitted disease
    There is no reason to assume that she has sex with anyone but her husband.
  • Fit her with a diaphragm as requested
    A diaphragm requires forethought and planning. Her history of getting drunk and having unprotected sex with her husband, underscored by the elective abortion, shows that she lacks the forethought that a barrier method like condoms or a diaphragm requires to be effective.
  • Help her to deal with her feelings about the abortion
    Well, secondarily - but your first concern is the reason for her visit today. This is not the best answer, even though it's not inappropriate.
  • Refer her to Alcoholics Anonymous
    You do not have enough information to diagnose her with alcoholism. You may wish to investigate or address her binge drinking at some point, but this is not the reason for her visit, which is contraception.
  • Talk to her about a nonbarrier method of contraception
    This is the best answer. As long as her abortion was uncomplicated (no endometritis post-abortion), she is an excellent candidate for an IUD. If an IUD is contraindicated, then injectable or implantable hormonal contraception would be good options. Even an OCP would have better compliance than a diaphragm in this patient.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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