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NBME question ,,, help

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hey everyone .. here is a question , seems very easy but the answer in offline key is wired everywhere .. kindly help:)
50year old with fever and shaking chills for 24 hoours, 1 week before tread by
a 5-FU for a tumor, on labs , counts WBC=400/mm3 platelet=1oo,ooo/mm3 and haemocrit 30 ..
which of the following should be best combined with drug

1) erythropoitin
3) IL-1
5) leucoverin

please help on this
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what's the difference between IL-1 and IL_1??

I guess it it is GM-CSF

Fever and chills, so most probably neutropenia..
they are same
ok i got it later , infact i was confusing its mechanism with MTX that is DHF inhibitor (MTX will dec activation of the folic acid thats way we give leucoverin, already activated for of folic acid )but 5-FU is a thyamidylate synthase inhibitor dont reduce the activated form ,so answer is GM CSF , you are right ,

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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