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NBME Score 470

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I just took NBME form 5 and I got a 470 (3 digit = 216)...Do you think I am OK to take the exam in 13 days...meaning am I in a safe zone now...I guess i am a little nervous because I don't want to fail...what do you guys think....

Thank You and Happy Holidays and Good Luck!
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Hi Tima,
Happy Holidays to you as well

In my experience I found that NBME Scores are +/- 5 three digits from the real exam. So in worse case scenario your USMLE score will be 211/88.

So you are in the safe zone, if passing is all what you needed. But if you want 90+ score then I should postpone your exam a little bit.

Wish you a great 2010 with Step1 in your pockets ;)
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Hi tima
i suggest you do another nbme (form 3 is excellent) if it gives you similar score then yes go ahead and take your exam
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