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NBME score and UWorld self assessment scores

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I took usmle world self assessment 2 about 1 week ago and I scored 540/228 . Today I took my NBME form 5 online and scored 650/255 . My exam is on the 13th of this month . pls am I OK to go for the step1 exam.

About 1month ago I took NBME form 6 online and scored 430/207 and u world self assessment form 1 and scored the same 430/202.

I need you guys
advice pls.
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exam on 20th

this is where i am standing right now...

nbme 7: 470/214 (may 23)
nbme 12: 440/205 (may 29)
nbme 6: 360/189 (june2) - reason im worried
UWSA 2: 710/257 (june3)
nbme 3: 500/221 (june6)

my exam in on june 20... am i ready to take the exam? i am kinda nervous coz of my nbme 6...not aiming too high, i am contented around 85-90.. anyone who took the exam similar to my nbme scores? please please please..suggest, i need you guys, am i or am i not ready for the actual exam in 10days... thanks a lot in advance... good bless all of us in our exams... :indifferent:
thanks ashishkabir... i will work on my weak points for the next 10days.. i will not postpone the test i guess... i might be forgetting stuff if i extend this even more.... thanks for the advice..:)

Hi there:

My guess would be, based on the scores you've posted, that you're headed to a score around 200 give or take 10 points. I'd guess that would be somewhere between 85 and 92 two digit.

Looks like your UWSA2 score is very different from your NBME scores. I'd suggest you look into why... Is there a particular area you're weak at? I'd work on that before doing another NBME. 10 days may be feasible, but remember - on actual exam day - you will be tired and you must prepare for the worst.

Hope thats helpful. Good luck!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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