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I have only 3 months to take my step1. I took NBME 18 3days ago! It gave me the worst feeling ever. I barely touch 200 which is no where I want to go! I wanted to score at least 230+ so Post pone the exam for 3 months. I saw the score sheet on NBME..It showing me only I did well in Resp and Neuro because Before the nbme, I was reading those. And I couldn't review all F/A in a continous manner though I was reading first aid for a while. Now I am thinking should I read the new 2016 FA with U WORLD (I bought again for 3 months after the disaster of nbme.But I haven't activated it yet. I ordered new FA 2016 will be arrived by 5 days.

I want to know should I read kaplan books again though i did it with videos a year ago ( I was preparing for step 1 on & off as I am having school too) I won't take any courses in summer so I will have almost 3.5months break..I want to use it properly so that I can take the test and get out from the Step1 trap.

Please let me know what are the materials I should cover for next 3 months so that I can make it to 230+

It would be a great help from you all as I am very m uch new in the forum after the heartbreaking by nbme! I am not reading now just because I want to know what to read n what to do first. I want to start freshly from April ( I have class till May7) and go for the test by july mid week

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