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Need advice!

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Hello friends!

I have a dilemma. My Step 2 Ck exam is scheduled for Feb 21st. I just took NBME 6 today and got a 202 (NBME score 330). :confused: Passing is 209. I'm thinking of rescheduling but I already used my extension. According to the permit, if you want to reschedule I would have to do another application, which means pay another $850+ for the exam. I don't know what to do. Should I pay another $850+? Should I postpone my exam? Should I study really hard these next 2 weeks hoping my score will increase?

What would you do? I'm so discouraged. :scared::(

Any advice would be truly helpful!! Thank you!
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I read a previous post of yours written in summer or fall when u said that you took nbme 6 and scored 206. So does it mean that u tried the same nbme? why?Try another form!
good luck
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