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Hello, I'm reading this paper on dog arrhythmias and since I need the actual numbers of sick female and male dogs I'm kida stuck here. Because in the paper they don't mention the percent of sick males/females from the total number of dogs screened in the study. The author only presents the calculated values of [Incidence(%); Odd ratio and Relative risk]. What he also presents is the total number of screened dogs (374) and the number of sick dogs (82). But he doesn't mention the number of sick/helathy females or males.
Is there a way to figuire out that number form the Incidence(%); Odd ratio or Relative risk vaues?

The values are: For males - Incidence(%) [21.13]; Odd ratio [0.898]; Relative risk [0.919]
For females - Incidence(%) [22.98]; Odd ratio [1.114]; Relative risk [1.088].

Can't add the link to the actual article (cuz im new in this forum), but if you google it by "Incidence and risk assessment of cardiac arrhythmias in dogs with respect to age, breed, sex and associated biochemical changes" you can easily access it in the Nexus Academic Publishers site.

Waiting for a reply,
Thank you,
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