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Am a resident in neurosurgery and finishing my master degree thess days and I just returned from Boston few months ago attending the world neurosurgery conference and I met there with many professors and had many connections and am international memeber in American Neurosurgery Association and I want to give the USMLE exams right now but first of all ,I want to know if is it possible to get neurosurgery residency there or fellowship if u get high score or reasonable? second to be prepapred for the step ,I will work in the hospital and study too so I want to do step one in 9 months from now means on february 2011 ,so I want a help from anyone here to tell me how I can regulate the time table for study and books to get high score.
waiting replies from all see u soo
dr.mohamed ali
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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