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So I have 4.5 weeks left till my exam.
My plan is to go over uworld (2nd time...did 1st run over a yr ago), FA (only read it once and that too not completely), and DIT. I am also planning on taking at least 3 nbmes.

So I usually take a long time doing dit vidoes (2 videos per hr) and I also take a long time with uworld (46 que...takes me like 4-5 hrs :/ maybe even more!)

1. So should I bother doing would it help me?
2. I know I am weak in pharm and physio....does DIT help in that?
3. I am kind of bad in taking there anything (such as a book/course) that would help me get better at answering questions?

Please help me cuz I am freaking out! idk what to do!! :eek::scared:
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