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Hi, I'm trying hard to finish all the steps by September 2011 and apply for 2012 match.. However, I won't take any risk to score low and ruin my profile.. So in case I can't do it by September 1st or say by too late to have any chance of IV, I would like to apply for the post match scramble.. I have some questions about that..
Do I have to apply on 1st September for the match to get a chance to apply in scramble?
Is it necessary to apply for the scramble only to the programs I applied for the match? Or I can opt new choices?
Maximum by what time I should be done with all the steps to apply for post match scramble?

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Thanks Sabio

Hi Sabio,

Thanks for the link.. But I'm still quite confused in getting answers to my questions.. Could you please answer my questions I posted in the previous post replacing the Scramble to SOAP?

To explain you in simple words, if I'm done with only step 1 and step 2 CS by September 1st with CK left which I could finish by February, what should I do to get a chance to get into residency in 2012? (assuming that I do good in the exams)

Its obvious that I'm not going to get IVs if I apply with step 1 and CS in September.. So what should I plan to keep my chances in SOAP.. ( I don't want preliminary programs)..

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Thanks Sabio.. That pretty much clears my doubts.. That means I should at least participate in the main match though with applying to one program and then can participate in SOAP if I'm done with step 1, CS, CK (ECFMG certified) by the match day..
I've really not gone through much of the residency application stuff so if you can explain me the following points in detail, it would help me understand the process well..
• Unmatched applicant and unfilled program information will be released simultaneously.
• There will be a "time out" period during which unmatched applicants can send applications but programs
cannot make offers.
• Applicants and programs will be required to send and receive applications only through ERAS.
• NRMP-participating programs that fill positions during Match Week must do so only through the SOAP.
• New functionality will be added to the R3 System to allow programs to offer unfilled positions on the basis
of preference lists submitted by the programs.
• Applicants must accept or reject their offer(s) within a specific timeframe; offers not accepted or rejected
will expire.
• The R3 System will establish an electronic "handshake" when an applicant accepts a position.
• Positions will be deleted from the dynamic List of Unfilled Programs once an offer has been accepted.
• A program's unfilled positions will be offered to applicants in order of preference until all positions are
filled or the preference list has been exhausted; programs will be able to add applicants to the bottom of
their preference lists throughout Match Week.
• The NRMP Match Participation Agreement will be expanded to include Match Week and SOAP, and
sanctions will be imposed for improper behavior.
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