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Hi Sabio,

Thanks for the link.. But I'm still quite confused in getting answers to my questions.. Could you please answer my questions I posted in the previous post replacing the Scramble to SOAP?

To explain you in simple words, if I'm done with only step 1 and step 2 CS by September 1st with CK left which I could finish by February, what should I do to get a chance to get into residency in 2012? (assuming that I do good in the exams)

Its obvious that I'm not going to get IVs if I apply with step 1 and CS in September.. So what should I plan to keep my chances in SOAP.. ( I don't want preliminary programs)..
The rules says that you need to apply at least one program in the main match and pay the fees then you will be eligible for SOAP.
Also, you have to be NRMP certified (which means ECFMG certified) by the time of SOAP.
I want to remind you that last year, the ratio of Scramble applicants to those who matched was 10:1, so the chances of getting into residency is very scant in the Scramble (to-be called SOAP).
Am not sure what else you want to know. Please more specific in your queries and I'll try to answer them to the best of my knowledge.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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