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So do you recommend kaplan and FA for pharm? is that more than enough? I thought you'd need an external source too!

and where am I to find these new drug classes that you are talking about, please refer me to some text so I can get a handle on it too! thanks :)
People who have taken the exams previously and have done well recommend Kaplan + FA. Of course there will be as many books as you can think of and each will have some additional point to them (which is why they are still in the market) but the trick is not to go behind all the information but use the standard information and apply it. When you start doing some of the test banks before exam, they will add on your knowledge and it will be something more of recent stuff. I would recommend you to do the basic standard books like Kaplan and FA and then add information from question banks. This is my opinion and you can see if it works for you. :)
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