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NEED some info regarding this

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Hello friends ..

here is my situation i got an elective oppurtunity form university of texas and they send me an i20 form for f1 visa for october and november and i am informed i was mandate to visit the OIA of that college as soon as i step in houston . i got another elective for near by hospital methodist for the months of

september and december . I got to know form info on this site that the duration they grant f1 visa is duration of our course +2 months .

here are my doubts
1) Is it ok , i enter the us like on aghust 28 or so , inform OIA of houston and carry on my elective at near buy methodist . ( AS IN THAT 4 MONTHS F1 I CAN COMPLETE ALL THAT ELECTIVES )

2) SUppose i got b1 /b2 tourist visa even then if i do methodist elective on b1/b2 , i need some time to go to another country and reenter us on f1, how much time does this process take
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there is no time limit for entering into US again....
hi sandeep

there is no time limit for entering into US again....
how to change form f1 to b1 after my elective in houston , is it possible in 3-4 days

and i heard that we can travel to canada and return on b1 , then do we need canadian visa or thing like that.

can you tell me if you have any experience with this
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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