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dear all
i am appearing for ste p2 in may 2011. n i want to know from the experience of those wh oalready they studied ot get far i did kaplan lectures n cd's and q book(part)....also planning to do uworld(paperback) and fa ......what else to do
just to let u know ..this is my first step..will sit ofr ste p1 after step 2 n also working 8 hrs a day in a clinic
plerase help

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Hello lookingup!

While you wait for other students to respond, we wanted to recommend that you include on-line question review and simulated exam practice along with your content review. Each component is extremely important for exam success!

Also, remember to focus about 2/3 of your review time to Internal Med, because Step 2 tests heavily on it.

Good luck!
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