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I lost a complete month out of the planned 6 months I had set aside for studying due to some family events.

I had planned to read:

  1. Goljan RR + Audio
  2. FA
  3. Kaplan Lecture Notes + Videos

All 2-3x, time permitting.

So far, out of the 6 months:
1st Month: I've read Goljan RR once, and no audio.
2nd Month (wasted)
3rd Month (January): Behavioral Science & Physiology (Kaplan Notes + Video), Along with relevant sections in FA.
4th Month (February): Pharmacology & Biochemistry (Kaplan Notes + Video), Along with relevant sections in FA.
5th Month (March):Anatomy & Microbiology (Kaplan Notes + Video), Along with relevant sections in FA.

Now the problem is, am I rushing through it all?

I would like to read FA atleast 3 times as suggested by many many people, and read Kaplan notes 2x (total), along with a second reading of Goljan (2x total)

Along with this, I am planning to start UW after 1st reading, so after March, is it worth while? Or is it only worth it after reading everything 2x?

I want to study smart, rather than hard, but dont know where to start!

Am I very confused, please help! :redcheeks;

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Start UW after 2nd read. If your'e scoring high keep on going. If scoring low, read FA one more time and then start UW again.
I started Kaplan Qbank after first read and I did good, even like that I'm reading FA right now before I start with UW.
FA is a good book to put all together in your head and organiza your knowledge.
Hope this helps.
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