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The ECFMG has recently made a significant changes to their Form 186 what's called the "Certification of Identification" Form.

Previously, International Medical Graduates were able to satisfy the application process by just signing this form in front of a notary public and send it to ECFMG.

The new form require that a medical school official has to sign the form.

It now has two sections:
Section A: to be signed by the notary public, a commissioner of oaths, a first class magistrate, or a consular official.
Section B: to be signed by a medical school official.

Of note, these requirements are only for graduates of medical schools that do not participate in the ECFMG Medical School Web Portal (ESMWP).

IMGs who previously had their medical education status verified by their medical school need not to resend Form 186 again unless it has been invalidated by the ECFMG.

Applicants are confused whether they should be present while the medical school official sign the form or not. Many International medical graduates are living outside their country of origin by the time they apply for the USMLE and it would very difficult for them to return to their medical schools just to sign the form.

The ECFMG has previously made it a requirement that Form 186 should be completed and validated before IMGs can schedule their USMLE Steps.

Read more details about the verification process and Form 186 in this ECFMG web page.


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