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we are starting new group for step 1, for updating progress in studying, putting questions, answering questions, sharing ideas, and motivating each other...

join us just if you like to have a feeling of discipline that you know every day there are lots of people studying with you, telling you,what you have studied, what is your achievement..etc, or knowing you have a duty which is studying and be active in our group by updating progress, put questions or answering our questions..etc

If you are a person who like to study away from Skype, then our group is not for you because we remove any silent person withing 1 day of inactivity.

yes our group has lots of rules, but it is good for you because it let you study well with a discipline like the way back in medical school but it is not for everyone, not for silent people ,not for selfish people ,not for people who like to study away from skype or computer as everyone has different study pattern...
but our group is good for anyone who like to study along with a company of positive people who not only take but give in return support,positive words,encouragement and day full of study achievement.:) :)
so again if you like to study with a positive group, have a feeling there is a group studying with you supporting you, then join us
need at least 30-40 people, should be positive people in usa or out side usa, any time zone in the world is welcome, any gender please

any level of preparation is welcome as long as you are positive and active but not a person who is very near from exam as we will slow you down
add me to skype acestep123
do not put any skype id here because i am not coming to this messege again,
just add me to your skype
Good luck
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