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Hi All ,

I have decided to go through the USMLE steps and found this wonderful forum so i'm expecting some help from your side .

based on your experiance , Which book i should start with for Step1 ?

Thanks in advance


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This is what i used... But i will also mention that without a qbank or 2.. the books you read will all be of waste... Qbanks are the most important thing.. Have a qbank to help cement what your learning, and other qbank to test your knowledge by doing random timed questions

1. Kaplan Medical Textbooks
2. High Yield Biochem
3. High Yield Immunology
4. High Yield Physiology
5. High Yield Histology
6. High Yield Embryology
7. High Yield Neuroanatomy
8. BRS Pathology
9. BRS Physiology
10. BRS Pharmacology cards
11. Lippincott Microbiology cards
12. First Aid For The Step 1 (2010)... fully annotated
13. Robbins Pathology Cards
14. First Aid General Principles Book
15. First Aid Organ Systems Book

Used the 3 main qbanks also.. USMLErx, Kaplan, World
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