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I have been getting questions related to Blots wrong =[ I have been going with the mnemonic: "SNoW DRoP":

But, this apparently is not enough to answer the questions correctly. Can someone PLEASE clarify this concept for me and how i can answer questions related to this topic!


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It all depends at what you want to detect
Looking for DNA, then you need a complementary DNA probe (South)
Looking for RNA, then you need a complementary DNA probe (North)
Looking for Protein, then u need a binding antibody (West)
Looking of DNA binding protein, then u need a DNA probe (Southwest)

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I don't get looking for a DNA binding protein??!!

How would the question scenario be?
It would be something like this
" you did cDNA clone and made it to express a product then you used a DNA probe to label it, what product are we looking for?
a- glucagon
b- CFTR receptor
c- lysosomal enzyme
d- Zink finger
e- RAS protein

Although all the options are porteins but only Zink finger protein is a transcription factor that binds DNA and leads to increased gene expression
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