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Not sure between Neurology and Neurosurgery

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Hi everyone,

I'm a little unsure at this point whether I want to go into surgery or medicine after I graduate, but I'm currently focusing on neurology with my electives and research. If at some point in the future (next year or 2) I decide to pursue neurosurgery, will the research and clinical electives I did be useless (or in some way less significant) or is there more leeway between neurology and neurosurgery than say switching specialties from something like dermatology to general surgery?

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Yes, it works

Definitely if you are doing neurosurgery or neurology electives and research will help in each other matching probability later on.

Neurologist in fact will be impressed when apply to them after you have done a highly advanced neurosurgery research for example.

However, I want to remind you here that you are (being an IMG) having very low chances in neurosurgery residency. This is one of the most competitive residencies of all times.

If you look at last year's match results you'll see that less than 1% of all those accepted in neurosurgery were in fact IMGs.

Having said that, I advise you to focus on neurology all the way towards your match.
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