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The NRMP has recently released the final results and data for the Match season that ended in March 2010.

Every year these data gives us a valuable insight into what actually happened in details so that we can accurately plan our future matches.

The full detailed report is available for download here

When you examine the detailed report please remember that these numbers do not include applicants who have been Pre-Matched. Since Pre-Match is popular among IMGs, the data may not accurately reflect the actual matcher percentages across all specialties and positions.

Let me share with you some of the very interesting points that I found:

  • For the first time since the year 2002 the number of Non-US citizen IMGs applicants has deceased from the year before by 3%.
  • The IMG friendliest specialty was Preventative Medicine as only 16% filled by AMGs, next was Emergency Medicine / Family Medicine with only 25% of AMGs
  • There were specialties that were never filled by any IMG! These were Urology, Medical Genetics, and Medicine-Dermatology. Other IMG "unfriendly" specialties were Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, and Radiation-Oncology all of them with over 90% of positions filled by US seniors only.
  • Many specialties were 100% filled which means that the 2010 Post Match Scramble was the least successful of all times.
  • The year 2010 was the biggest match in history in terms of number of positions offered and number of positions filled. But this largely by the increase in US medical school graduates and not by IMGs.
  • The percentage of IMGs matched has again declined from previous year from 41.6 to 38.9. It was 48.9 in the year 2006! Wow, it's getting tougher and tougher for IMGs. Read More about this

Ref: National Resident Matching Program, Results and Data: 2010 Main Residency Match. National Resident Matching Program, Washington, DC. 2010.


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