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The NRMP has recently released a document that discusses the possibility of stoping prematches (outside the match offers) for International Medical Graduates (IMGs), here's the link

The arguement is that there's no need to give outside the match offers as IMGs are able to get the visa processing with the normal NRMP matching process.

The document also details the prematch offers that were given in the year 2008 with some interesting statistics.

Prematch offers have long been prohibited to US medical students and many people think that it should also be prohibited to IMGs.

The NRMP is awating your comments about this issue. They are willing to read your opinions, just send them your questions and comments to NRMP Executive Director Mona M. Signer by email at [email protected], by fax to 202-828-4797, or by U.S. mail c/o the National Resident Matching Program, 2450 N Street, NW, Washington, DC 20037.

You can also commment about the issue here ...


1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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