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I really have the weirdest of situations here..
I have registered for the online examination for step 1 , paid the money and have sent the 186 form..
But what happened was that while i was using oasis while logging in i typed the wrong password a couple of times and then suddenly i was taken to the page with session has ended page..i tried to reaccess it with the correct password this time but i couldnot access my i screwed??
Does anybody have any idea on this ??
Plz help...

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Don't worry

This is an automatic password lock that is installed on many websites. We have it here in USMLE Forums for example.

You should not worry about this.

The solution is to leave OASIS for 2 hours without attempting to log in. Because the block is temporary and not permanent but if you keep trying you don't give the server time to reset itself.

After waiting two hours, clear you browser's cache and clear your computers cookies then attempt the login preferably with anther browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

If after all this you were not able to login then you should call them.
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