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old graduate

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hi everyone ,
I am from pakistan...26 year old..i did my graduation in march 2012... i m intending to take step 1 in september 2015 ...and perhaps ll apply for 2017 match ! my question is ; As i m an old graduate, would it affect my application later on for match ?:scared: as i heard match will already be tugher and tougher in the coming years
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you are not that old of a graduate. Average time since graduation of doctors who match is around 5y
thanks for your reply ... but it will be more than 5 years when i will be applying :( what should i do ? i m really stressed about that thing .
your main worry should be getting good scores in all your exams.. people match even at the age of 40. if you are capable nothing will stop you from practicing medicine
thankyou so much :) u really hepled me to regain my cofidence
you are applying in 2017 sept or you are applying in 2016 sept?
i ll b able to submit my application in sep 2017... for the match of 2018
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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