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old graduate

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hi everyone ,
I am from pakistan...26 year old..i did my graduation in march 2012... i m intending to take step 1 in september 2015 ...and perhaps ll apply for 2017 match ! my question is ; As i m an old graduate, would it affect my application later on for match ?:scared: as i heard match will already be tugher and tougher in the coming years
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You are not old yet. As long as you manage to apply for the match within 5 years after graduation you should have as much chance as any other IMG (after that chances fall to almost zero and it requires a lot more politics to get interviews). That said, being a foreigner, you should aim at getting high grades on Step 1 as this will increase your chances considerably. Step 1 is the most important thing for the match. Having good recommendation letters/good written and spoken english/good publications doesn't hurt as well.
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