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I'm an IMG that finished about 6yrs ago and its kind of hard studying for the step 1. How long do you think i should use to study b4 going for the exams. Anyone that has tips or advice should pls reply.:toosad:
Thank you

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Dear xenopha,

Welcome to USMLE Forums.

We have many graduates in your situation who have got very high scores in the exam.

It's always difficult to start, but once you are on track you will find yourself moving through the books pretty easily.

I suggest you look at this thread
Which helps you get an idea on the two most common methods of reading.

I also suggest that you read all the thread in the
Recommended Step 1 Threads Forum

As for how long it takes you may find this useful

If you still have questions, come back here to this thread and ask.

All the best,
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