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No standard terminology for the on-hold or waiting-list

Programs use different terminologies. There's no standard in this regard.

Some of them have 4 pools. One pool for invitations, One pool for rejections, One pool for on hold, and another pool for waiting list.

Generally speaking the waiting list is better than the on-hold pool. Because it means that you will be invited if they have openings in their interview slots (such as people who cancel their interviews or the program decided to interview more).

The on-hold pool generally means that your application haven't received a decision yet, whether to be put in the waiting list or to be rejected.

Also remember that some program coordinators intentionally give diplomatic answer to callers, they want to leave all options open because they never know, perhaps, all application get re-reviewed again so they tell you you are on hold while in fact you are rejected.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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