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One month to go...need to increase marks!

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Ok guys, since I only have a month to go I was wondering if I could get any advice on how to increase my marks by about 15 points? Have done UW, starting Kaplan QBank and reading FA. Haven't looked at Kaplan books for 3 months so should I give them another read to gain concepts? Will Kaplan Qbank help with concepts? Also thinking of now re-reading Goljan too. I really want to hit atleast 225+ now and want to use this month to my full potential as I cannot extend past this month. My nbme's have been between 214 (nbme2) and 227 (nbme1). I would appreciate any advise:)
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please can anyone help me

hey guys, i have been struggling since a year and not achieved good scores. I have done one round kaplan, one round of uw, 5 rounds FA. my scores always vary between 180 - 192. how can i improve my scores? i don't know where i'm going wrong. biostatistics and pharma are my weak topics. please help!!!!:plz:
I mean no offense but I think you need to start from scratch again. I think it's because of weak foundation.... Because you already read fa 5 times.... Which should be more than enough
thank you for the reply.. scratch in the sense do i have to redo all kaplan or world ? which one should i prefer ?
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