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Hey guys :p

Its time for me to select my online question bank.. I have done UW 2007 offline once.. Now I am confused on which online question bank to take..:toosad:

Should it be UW or kaplan? Many people have opined that since i did the offline version, it wont serve me much purpose if I do another online version of it as it will be almost the same... :confused:
Others have told me that Doing UW online once again is good as it will be a revision and there would be many other questions which wouldn't have been there in the offline version...

Again Kaplan OR UW OR USMLERx Or the new one recommended by Goljan :eek: the list is just exhaustive!!

Any advice in this matter is highly appreciated :)

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how much time do you got?

I'd do these 2 for sure:


if you got time then throw in the Kaplan qbank as well. If you want a helpful hint on kaplan shoot me a pm and I'll tell you a little trick.

so to recap:

1st do- USMLErx
2nd- usmleworld

if you have time do kaplan in between those 2.
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