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1. what are the details required prior to the online application?

2. I am at the end of my internship and I am planning to take the step on June end or July. If I apply now my status is student but during the time of exam I will be a graduate. Will that be a problem during verification with my medical school by ECFMG?

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It's not a problem

The are no much requirements before you start the online application. You merely have to be a student outside the USA/Canada and that's it. Your school should be listed in IMED and the graduations years must be listed as current if you are going to apply as a student.

When your status going to change from a student to graduate you have to then update your information with ECFMG and fill up the documents and your school should once again contact them telling them that you are a graduate right now and here's your degree, diploma, credit hours, ...etc.

It's not a problem but it's somewhat complicated and long process.

When are you going to graduate? Why don't you wait until you graduate and then apply for the ECFMG, this will avoid double working the documents and save you some headaches.
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