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Hi guys, I'm a third year medical student from Poland who just started with the USMLE materials (currently doing Pathology, Pharm at my school) and well, you know, sometimes you read things and you have a question about the material, or something's not clear... and it's nice to consult somebody about it (or else, like me, you end up searching the internet about why bronchial muscles are actually needed for like, the whole night). Sometimes its nice to active your brain cells synced with somebody else.

Or sometimes the weather is gloomy, cold and you just want to sleep forever but you need to work and need some motivation.

Now i know there are groups for USMLE takers that already know when they're taking it, but I searched the forum just for a more 'chill' group and didn't find one (if you know something that i dont let me know). Also, there are whatsapp groups but because the internet is one big scary place and not everyone wants their number out there, I thought kik would be the place to go- just username, no number needed!

So download it and add me- nucleusaccumbens. I'll add you to the group! :)
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