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Here are some ophthalmologic emergencies:

1. Acute Glaucoma:

Patient has associated severe headache and vomiting. Complains of seeing halos around the lights. On examination : the pupils are mid-dilated and non-responsive to light and feel " hard as a rock".

2. Orbital cellulitis:

Patient has swollen, red and tender eyelids with fever and leukocytosis. With limited motion of that eye.

3. Retinal Detachment:

Patient complains of seeing more than a dozen "floaters" during the day and "cloud" at the top of the visual field ( which is the hemorrhage settling at the bottom of eye)

4. Embolic occlusion of retinal artery:

Sudden onset of loss of vision of eye. The patient is elderly.

Any more additions or more explanations are very much welcome...
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