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Hey peeps!

This is a journal I'll be keeping throughout my 2nd year while I take classes and slowly prepare for the Step 1 exam. It will serve as a motivational tool and a way of keeping track of my progress. Basically I have about 7 months to prepare before my dedicated study period, since I plan on taking the exam in July 7, 2016.

Tomorrow I'll be starting my systems block and thus I believe it's the perfect time to start thinking about Step 1 preparation. The CV system block is up first and my plan involves studying hard for classes while learning everything pertaining to that topic from Usmle resources as well (as much as physically possible).

My "evil" and very unoriginal plan involves using as much Pathoma, FA flash facts, Usmle-Rx and UWorld along with the corresponding block we're covering in class. Still!!! classes come first. :indifferent:

To achieve this I'll be dividing the material into chunks. For example this block consists of 20 days of CV material. Thus my plan involves covering the class material for every day first! Then I'll do 100 FA flash facts cards. Since between UWorld and Usmle-Rx there are 415 CV questions in total I'll do ~25 questions (I might have to change this depending on my speed though).

Before dedicated study period:

Every day (except Tuesdays)
  • Cover material from class every day while making an educational objectives list from my class notes (UWorld style :cool:)
  • FA flash facts ~100 cards per day
  • ~25 questions from Usmle-Rx or UWorld (after I'm done with Rx)

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