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Pale Skin and Burning Easily?

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A 15-year-old girl is seen by a dermatologist for removal of multiple squamous cell carcinomas of the skin. The patient has nearly white hair, pink irises, very pale skin, and a history of burning easily when exposed to the sun. This patient's condition is caused by a disorder involving which of the following substances?

A. Aromatic amino acids
B. Branched chain amino acids
C. Glycolipids
D. Glycoproteins
E. Sulfur-containing amino acids
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lol.Yeah it is .but among those above,i think A is the correct answer cause tyrosine is an aromatic amino acid.The patient has albinism caused by a deficiency of tyrosine hydroxylase, blocking the production of melanin from tyrosine.Anyway,i m not sure
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difficult question

damn this was a difficult question. i was looking for tyrosinase enzyme deficiency and then the choices were.. well...

so u think its A then? whats the answer?

are we supposed to know what aromatic ring structures comprise of?
A friend of mine asked me that question.I chose A cause the other options are not related to albinism at all.But i m pretty sure tyrosine is an aromatic amino acid.I really don t know if we should memorize the aromatic ring structures like that
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