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Although there are many CS mnemonics out there but for my exam these were the most useful mnemonics:

PAMHRFOSS is for the past medical history
P= past medical, past surgical (any previous similar episodes, any significant medical illness in the past, any previous surgeries)
A= allergies
M= medications
H= hospitalizations
R= review of systems
F= family history (looking for genetic association or infectious diseases)
O= obstetric history
S= sexual history
S= social history (job, stress, housing, marital issues, smoking, alcohol, drugs)

The SIQORAAA is for the chief complaint
S= site
I= intensity (scale out of 10)
Q= quality
O= onset (like is it constant, intermittent, duration)
R= radiation
A= alleviation
A= aggravation
A= association
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