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I was very happy to get my passing results today, I would like to thank everyone on this forum for all the help and support.
I am very thankful to FA and GoldUSMLE review for helping me pass, the doctor was very supportive to me and helped me understand my mistakes and worked with me 1on1. They spent alot of extra time with me as well and offered me extra exams so i can get my speed up in the encounter, i felt that this was very generous and helpful. The doctor in houston is very strong and spent alot of time with us going over the patient notes, he was the main reason why i passed the patient note, before i went to the course my notes were terrible and the gold review helped me correct that in Houston.
On test day there were alot of AMG and less IMG and they gave us 3 breaks in between 4 sets of 3 cases i was not even tired since they made us do much more cases in the review without breaks, definitely made a big difference for me
i highly recommend goldusmle review i highly recommend it!
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