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Passed cs, thank you note and little advice for all!

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God thank you, and i especially thank those who have helped me prepare
for cs exam with their insights ! This forum has literally saved me since step 1!

I wanted to tell everyone that cs exam is only there so that you won't freak out
seeing American patients later on. It is English exam plus courtesy exam.

Don't get too nervous. From the moment you say hello to patients and till you are done writing patient notes, you will be doing that for the rest of your life
at hospital ! So imagine you got into residency and this is your first day at work.

( i know it is nerve wrecking for everyone on exam day..believe me..but thinking this way helped me act more "professional" as a doc that day)

I won't be lecturing you guys too much, but here are some stuffs that i wish
I had done better.
- i practiced with husband, but i shouldn't have missed a single practice day during last two weeks because it was the only way to build up rhythm for patient encounter. I suggest everyone to meet up ! with other students to practice near bed. Your body knows better what to do next if you do this way. You won't forget to wash hands, pull out leg support, cover their legs..etc.
- i should have moved on quickly during conversations. Okay..alright.lets see...i said that too many times. If patient said yes or no, ask next question right away. Don't waste time !
- if you meet a patient with NO possible Dx, ask him. What do you think you are having ? Do you have any idea...? My patient actually told me his ideas. I wrote it as one of my DDx. : P
- i shouldn't have worried too much about language barrier. They all know i look different. I didn't have to pretend like I'm someone else. Just be yourself, but ask clearly and loudly.
- Ask only basic questions regarding symptom. Then ask do you have any questions or concerns ? This is great chance to do counseling. Done counseling? With extra minutes, ask a few more questions. I had to leave without answering their questions for like 3 patients.
- know how to describe lesions well. I saw weird bruise. Now i don't even remember how i described it. Probably like, 2 x 3 cm lesion..bla bla. Thank God i passed, but i was staring at monitor for like five mins looking for an appropriate way to describe it. What a waste!
- read description on door, write vitals down if u need to, take a deep breath. ( very important! ) i saw other American students entering VERY loudly with Hello! Mr. Smith ?! And i got more shy lol. But you know what ? We should all do that. Big smile and loud hello ! It definitely boosts your confidence :)
- develop your own system for note. This is what i do before i enter room. I divided paper to four squares. One for details of present complaint, one for ROS, one for meds/ allergy/ family/ social.., and one for DDx and plans. If you guys need details, i will try to remember and let u know. But it works best if u make ur own! It is impossible to do it without systems !

I really wish you all great performance and experience at exam center.
I guarantee you there will be rude or NO-smile-at-all patients during exam, but at the end, they will smile for you if you work hard to help them.
( at least people at Chicago center did! )

Wish me a good luck so that i can write again next time about my experience in residency hehe. Bye everyone !
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