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Score 260 on my step2CK, got my score report earlier this week
I found my study partners on this forum several weeks ago and I would like to thank my study partners I met on this forum.
The countless hours I spent studying with you all helped, and it was a big improvement from my first NBME practice exam.
I started over on UW did 2x, read FA twice and took the goldusmlereview step2CK course and it helped me overcome my weaknesses. They will tell you what to focus on and what is not important in the material they also go into the fine details for each topic that are necessary for the exam. I found goldusmlereview to be very helpful and I was able to perform better on my NBME as my score went up by 30 pts. There is alot of content and the goldusmle CK review helped me focus on my weak areas. The BIOSTATS AND INTERNAL MEDICINE REVIEW SECTIONS WERE THE MOST HELPFUL.
I strongly recommend the 8 weeks goldusmle step2CK course it was very beneficial to me. I took my exam 3 weeks after I finished the course and passed my step 2CK with higher performance.
Good luck to all of you
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