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I am IMG and cleared my step 1 and 2, but because my medical school did not send my graduation verification my ecfmg certification is pending. The verification is delivered toecfmg on Oct 29. However it is still not showing in OASIS as received. Please help with following -

1. How long will it take for ecfmg certification?
2. Shall I apply for residency program(pediatrics)? Many programs require certification at the time of application.

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Apply now

I suggest you apply right now.
Having Step 1 and Step 2 results ready will allow to compete in many many pediatric programs.
You can delay applications to the programs "that require ECFMG certificatio by the time of application" to the time when you get your certificate. Such programs are not many and their number should not be more than a handful.

The ECFMG response varies widely, some applicant got verified a week after the arrival of their college papers, others took over 2 months, others had problems with documents and they had to send them again, .. so on.

The best course of action that you can take right is to apply to as many programs as you can, time is running out and pediatric programs will finish their seats by no later than late October or early November.
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