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Step 1 and step 2 CK and CS live one-on-one tutoring available for students who need guidance and structure in regards to their step 1 planning.

Female tutor who is Fluent in English, spanish, Urdu and punjabi-- scored well above the passing score on all my boards (237+). Offering reasonable prices, flexible schedule, willing to accommodate your needs. Teaching method is very Socratic, I reinforce all aspects of material that we cover by forcing the student to think and integrate concepts with secondary and tertiary thinking.

I cover all of the information in the First aid 2015 (with anticipated changes coming in the new 2016) thoroughly with supplementation of material from other high-yield pertinent sources with the addition of the uworld qbank.

Tutoring experience 24+ months, no student has failed! Tutor locally in NJ and also online (Skype or hangouts)
Trained multiple IMGs and American students alike for there board preparation.

Email For more info: [email protected]
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