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C) hbv

Correct ans is C) HBV

HBV has the greatest viral load in blood of all viruses listed above.

HBV, it's the one that requires the lowest viral load to be infective.
B is really bad!

The risk of contracting HIV from a stick with a needle, contaminated with HIV infected blood, is 3 out of a thousand (0.3%). The risk is much lower for accidental body fluid contact with broken skin. There is virtually no risk in touching an HIV infected patient, unless there is contact with blood or body fluid. The risk goes up, if the injury is deep, the needle was in patient's artery, vein, or had visible blood on it, or if the patient has a high viral load.

To put the risk of transmission of HIV by needle stick (0.3%) into perspective, the risk of transmission of Hepatitis B virus after a needle stick from a patient who is Hepatitis Be antigen positive is about 30 %, and that for Hepatitis C virus is about 3%.

Every medical student, doctor and health care worker must know these.
Yea, I wrote CMV accidentally, I meant HSV. Which is through skin-to-skin.

I also wrote the answer as B, when I was thinking of Hep B. :))
you guyz are really smart. This qn I got it from a "remembered qns 2010" posted by some members. And you all gonna ace the exam for sure :happy:
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