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Hello people; been a member since a long time but haven't posted much on the forum.
As the title says, I'm planning to take the exam in 10 days, mostly around November 10. I have an observership lined up in mid-December and want my scores by the time I start it.

I'm an IMG, graduated March 2016. Been seriously preparing for around 3.5 months now(had issues with ECFMG so couldn't prepare properly).

Did Kaplan videos plus notes for all subjects, except Pathology(did Pathoma once, with Goljan audio lectures and took notes). Currently left with around 300 questions in Pathology in uWorld, and getting a percentage of 69% and 79th percentile. Doing around 3 blocks a day now in uWorld, so hopefully I finish that soon.

FA, I haven't really gone through it fully. Read it once, annotated notes from uWorld and some important points from Kaplan, but that's it. I know I have to give atlas 3-4 readings of FA, that's why I need your suggestions please.

My Assessments:

NBME 5(at start of prep/JULY BEGINNING)- 140/200
NBME 6(JULY END)- 163/200
NBME 7(AUGUST END)- 164/200(all offline NBME)
UWSA 1-510/230( ON 21ST OCTOBER)
UWSA 2- 490/226( ON 27TH OCTOBER)
My weakness is that sometimes I jump to the answer without reading fully; doing more questions should hopefully fix that. Based on UWSA, my weakness is in Biochem and Micro. Worked on that and now really feel confident in them.

My current plan is to do remaining world questions as soon as possible, do FA 2 readings fully and somehow take an NBME in between, hopefully before November 5.

I thought I had some time, but the attending with whom I'm doing an Observership is a Cardiology program director. A letter from a person of his rank as a program director would carry a lot of weight, hopefully. Am also doing two more observerships in the same hospital in Internal Medicine. Since the observerships begin in December mid, wanted my score by then so that I can plan travel and other non-sense. But fear of this exam..!

Please help me; I'm prepared to postpone(haven't fixed the date yet at prometric) by maximum of one week, but by mid- November i want to be done with this exam!
Offer your thoughts please!
Thanks in advance!
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