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Hi guys, I need your suggestion for my study plan. I've been seriously preparing for step 1 since early December 2010. I have finished my first review of Kaplan Lecture Notes and videos. Now I am on my second review and start to work on question (2-3 blocks, timed, subject wise) after reviewing each subject and hopefully I can finish it by end of February. I haven't read FA or other recommended review book such as Goljan Rapid Review. Today I finished my second review of Anatomy and Biochemistry, did 3 timed blocks of subject assessment (from Kaplan Qbank) and scored on average 72%.

Do you think I need to do third review after I finish reviewing all the subjects for second time ? Or I can move on and start reviewing First Aid and doing questions on Kaplan Qbank (mixed, timed block) ? Is reading RR Goljan a must ? I don't think I have enough time for it. I wish I can give my exam by the end of April.

Please guys, I need your suggestion. I start to get very anxious recently and worry too much on my progress and performance.
Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

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