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i am img.I have already completed my step 1 and 2 with score in 240's and i am permanent resident of US.I gave my cs 2 wks ago.

My mistakes:
I did not shake hand to any patient.
i could not complete physical examination in one case.
In 1 pedia case i wrote in the not that immunization -up to date, which was wrong.I forgot to ask immunization history in encounter.
i could not understood 1 pt's accent so could not answer challenging question properly in one case.
i had no time for ROS.I only did physical exam which was relevant to case.
Did not ask pt about their support system.
and many other silly mistake..
Forgot to ask many associated symptoms related to case but was able to come up with accurate dx in 10 cases.

I did clouser in all cases and counseled in relevant cases.
i forgot to show empathy in 4-5 cases .
I completed my all cases in 14 mins.But i think i did not complete my exam in proper way.

Is it still possible that i will pass?
And if i fail should i apply for residency this year??
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