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I am 25 year old.Currently working as JR in surgery dept since last 1 year. want to settle down in USA.
I will give for a backup I want to do MPH incase I failed in any step or residency interview.

Plz help me to select the better option from below 2 :

1) Going USA to study Mph in JAN 16 intake & preparing for usmlestep 1
If preparing simultaneously how much time I required for
step 1,2 ck and cs???????

2) Prepare for step 1 in india.Give step 1 in india and then going to USA
to study Mph in SEP 16 intake.
- With this option Time required for step 1 with job/without job
- Should I left job to prepare for step 1?

Many advised me to enter in JAN 2016 intake as i m already 25 year old.
they said if u failed in usmle journey, u can settle down early in USA by passing MPh early. so u should reach there first and prepare for both simultaneously.

Please give ur expert advise.
Thanking you in advance.[/b]
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