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Please help me with my study plan

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Hi everyone,

Im not sure if I asked on this forum or not, but im a bit worried about the quality of my study plan. I am finishing up my 1st year of med school and i wanted to write my step 1 in Jan 2012.

My background: my medical school focuses on specific common conditions in a very detailed manner, but doesnt cover all of them. It is very clinically focused. So, i kinda want to study for step I as if I only know the basics; I dont want to assume that I know a certain topic very well.

I have 2 months free (Dec 2010 and Jan 2011) and then I have full time school till Nov 2011. Then i'll have approx 6 weeks free.

This is my study plan thus far:

Over the 2 month break (dec and Jan) cover all the material via Kaplan lec + lectures, Goljan audio and FA. I plan on doing all kaplan lectures except the pathology ones. For pathology I will only do Goljan audio and Goljan rapid review.

What do you guys think? Should I do both?

Then during full time school I plan on do all Qbanks except USMLE world and go back to the sections am forgetting.

In the last 6 weeks I plan on doing all the questions from UW.

Please give me lots of comments and feel free to criticize. I really appreciate all of your input and best of luck on your studying!
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Your schedule sounds good. I just have one recommendation. Goljan RR takes about a month to cover properly. I would recommend giving yourself at least 3 wks for Goljan RR and audio. Do Goljan after you've covered the other subjects. If you do Goljan once really well like this then reviewing it won't take much time. Also, you may want to try a diagnostic test before you start your studying to find out your strengths and weaknesses so that your studying will be more effective. This helped me a lot.

Good luck!
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